Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell my personal information?
No! Michigan Rustics knows that you care how your personal information is stored, shared and used. We do not sell or give away any information whatsoever to any other business for marketing purposes.


How will my furniture arrive?
Most orders will ship via UPS or FedEx. Larger orders will ship by freight truck (semi-truck). The freight carrier will call you ahead of time to arrange a time for someone to be available to receive your rustic furniture. Please remember that if your order is sent by freight then your furniture is larger and you will need more than one person to unload!

How do I know when my order is shipped?
We will email you when your order has shipped.

Can I ship to a different location?
Yes you can! Many clients have us ship their furniture to their cabin or work. Some even send it to relative's house as a gift! As long as you are accessible by FedEx or UPS, we can send it anywhere in the Continental US.

Will I need someone to help me unload?
If it is sent freight truck then yes, you will. Log furniture is heavy. When your furniture arrives it will be most helpful (to your back) if more than one person is present to help you carry the products into your home/cabin. The driver most likely will not carry the product into your house, they are not required to under the terms of the shipping agreement. Occasionally you may get a really nice driver who is willing to help unload, but you'd better plan as if he/she will not help.

What if my furniture is damaged?
This occurs very rarely but should it occur, following proper procedures will guarantee that you not be stuck with a damaged or broken product. Naturally, always inspect your shipment immediately, while the truck is still there. If you find damage, make a note of the damage on the receipt or BOL. Please call and report all damage/delivery problems immediately.

Product Questions:

How durable is Michigan Rustics' Log Furniture?
All of our furniture is made using mortise and tenon construction. This is a very trusted and traditional method that has been utilized across the world for centuries. In addition, we use high quality full extension ball bearing drawer slides on all of our drawers for easy, smooth operation.

Do I have to put the furniture together or does it come in one piece?
All of our products ship disassembled with easy to follow instructions.

Is there a difference in color between unfinished and finished log furniture?
Yes there is a slight difference in color.  The Clear Coat looks natural but does give the wood grain more contrast and bring out colors.  Over time the clear finish will age naturally and amber (darken) slightly.

There are cracks in my logs!  Is this normal?
All log furniture is subject to the natural process of "checking".  The process of logs cracking or checking happens as wood releases moisture and normally occurs across or through the annual growth rings. Checking mainly occurs on the surface of the wood and does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood and is thus not grounds for a return.  The natural process adds to the uniqueness of the piece and has the rustic appeal many are looking for in their home or cottage. Although most call this process "checking", we call it "character".

Do your log beds utilize metal frames?
Absolutely not! All of our log beds are built entirely of wood, including the frame. We feel that this not only enhances the appearance of the bed, but also preserves it from the costly wear and tear of a metal frame.

How do I care for my log furniture?
We recommend finishing your log furniture because wood is a porous material and will absorb oils in our hands or liquid that may be spilled.  Finished furniture needs almost no care - just wiping/dusting as needed.  You can clean unfinished furniture with a mild wood soap like Murphy's oil soap, however this will not remove stains.

Should I finish my cedar log furniture?
The choice is left up to you. Many of our customers enjoy the natural look of our Northern White Cedar furniture.  Michigan Rustics does offer a finish for all indoor furniture. The finish is an industrial lacquer (with a low sheen) that cannot be bought in stores. However, should you decide to finish your furniture yourself we recommend water based products.

Can I get a custom piece of furniture made?
Yes - just let us know what you need and we will get you a quote. 

About the wood:

Pine has been used in this country even before our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. The ease with which cutting, drilling and sanding can be done has made it a favorite among woodworkers for generations. Its light color readily takes a variety of stains and finishes. Unfinished Pine also has a light fragrant aroma that is unmistakably recognized by the careful observer. Pine has darker unique knots randomly spaced throughout its subtle grain patterned wood. Various species of Pine can be found throughout the U.S. It has many uses, but we like to make rustic furniture out of it!

White Cedar
Northern White Cedar grows in Northern Michigan and Canada. It withstands the abuse of seasonal elements without breaking down or rotting like other woods. It is a beautiful light tan color when freshly milled and turns silvery-gray with age, but can be treated with a good quality finish to help retain its color. You will notice cracks, some small and some larger in your rustic furniture. This occurs naturally in the drying process and adds to the rustic look of our products. These cracks do not diminish the function or design of our furniture. They are not a manufacturing defect, just a natural part of seasoning.

  • Cedar is the lightest of any commercial wood in the United States.
  • Cedar has natural preservatives that make it resistant to decay, rot, and insects. Thus, it is often used in products that are in direct contact with water and soil.
  • Many types of wood will display excessive bowing and warping depending on the environment it is placed in. Cedar adjusts well to all climate conditions, making it a great choice for furniture and railing.

Cracking and checking is a natural process with log furniture and is to be expected – it should be looked at as added character, not as a flaw.

  • We will not accept returns due to cracking and checking in a log.
  • Logs may be shipped with cracks and checks already or as time goes on you may experience cracking later on.
  • Most cracks will not affect the structural integrity of the furniture.
  • You may order replacement logs for some products. Contact us for information and pricing.